Friends come in all shapes and sizes!

Little Curly

Hello! My name is Little Curly, I was born with natural curly hair and big round eyes.  I'm a little ARTIST. 

I LOVE drawing, painting and all things DIY, I make creative things from waste material at home and share them with friends and family. Not only this but I also have a WONDERFUL IMAGINATION…..... I talk to animals and plants!

Summer is my very best friend, we spend most of the time drawing and making (DIY) little pretty things together and we also went on a journey (our adventures) together too.  

Oh! Summer is a cat, one of our family pets; my parents adopted her when she was just a few weeks old.


Summer and I have lots of FRIENDLY, FUNNY and CUTE friends who we met on our amazing adventures. All our friends are ABSOLUTELY lovely creatures. We both love DIY - make cute and beautiful art, eco-friendly products (with us on) together, isn’t that exciting?  I have to say that they are (all our products) the most cutie things and I think you should at least have one too.


Ah, I promise that I will share our adventures with you soon.  Yes, we’re working on it – making our own book that tells you all about our amazing adventures….... I think it’s going to make us a world famous superstar hahahahah :)…...! 

Okay, enough about me........let me introduce my sweet, adorable and cute friends to you!

Hugs & Kiss



Little Curly, cute cat, sweet little cat, cartoon cat, back cat, lovely kitty


Summer is a GORGEOUS cat and she is also my very best friend. My parents adopted her when she was just 3 weeks old, since then we live, play and do many fun things together. Summer is SUPER-sensitive to emotions… she can see and feel the things that “normal” people don’t take time to notice; sometimes she gets confused by what we are doing.

Summer and I have a wonderful relationship – I LOVE her so much!

Little Curly, little frog,  children's book, The amazing adventures of Summer and Little Curly, children illustrations, ella parry, cute frog, hand draw animals, colour pencils, character development, whimiscal art


Terrence, was the first friend we met on our amazing adventures.

Terrence is one big fat frog, who has such a deep voice and suffer so badly from wind, he is one of the kindest and funny creatures in woodlands.

Little Curly, cute rats, mouse, dressed in tuxedos, illustrations, children's book, ella parry, illustration book, the amazing adventures of Summe and Little Curlu

Pookie and Tibbets

Pookie and Tibbets are some of the cutest and coolest rats I have ever met, They love to eat, drink and also          love all those classics songs especially The Beatles. They like to dress in tuxedos and play a couple of old classic together. Yes, they are great guitarists and singers rats in the world!! They knocked out tune after tune and had us all singing and dancing............. We always have wonderful time together.

Little Curly, british bulldog, children's book, The amazing adventures of Summer ad Little Curly, children illustrations, ella parry, cute dog, hand draw animals, colour pencils, character development, whimiscal art


Billy, is one of the silly dog I have ever met, he always accidentally kick his own food all over the kitchen floor………by the way Billy is our family British bulldog. He thinks we are the best of friends. I guess I do love him, but he’s just a bit to dizzy for me.

monkey boy, cute animal, cute monek

Monkey Boy

Meet the funny and naughty little monkey boy, he is full of curiosity and is extremely intelligent, he loves to eat fruit (like bananas), but he will eat anything that smells good… The funniest thing about Monkey Boy is that he enjoys being BAD! But he is not very bad; just a naughty little monkey and just likes US – he can be very affectionate and loving, but still have fears, compassion and sometimes even anger.

He is everyone’s FAVORITE! 

cute rabbit, Bunny, cute animal, woodland, woodland animal, sweet bunny, easter bunny, little curly

Benny Bunny

The SMART Benny Bunny, who's our neighborhood, he is also extremely intelligent, but in a different way, and this is because he has a fantastic memory and because of this is able solve problems quickly! He can see everything behind him also, because he has a nearly 360° panoramic vision. Benny Bunny is also great in sport with both high and long jump because he has such long paws.  He is everyone great companion!

cute giraffe, woodland anilma, tall giraffe, little curly, sweet giraffee, illustration of giraffee

Mr Tall Tall

Mr Tall tall is one of the tallest and kindest animals in the woodland.

Mr Tall tall has a very large heart, he can run very FAST and also has incredible eyesight, which helps him to see far into the distance and across his entire territory with his great height.

Mr Tall Tall is everyone’s father, and he protects all his friends in the woodland.

Mr Tall Tall is a HERBIVORE, so he doesn’t like to eat meat.



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