Little Curly is basically a “mirror image” of myself.

My unique, cute and lovable character, I hope, will empower both adults and kids to unwind, relax and connect with each other whilst using art, creativity and positivity, daily, as a mindfulness tool.


The Little Curly character was first created to help me to unlock and to reconnect to the root of my childhood. I was a child who suffered from a lack of confidence and poor self-esteem. I felt unsure of myself, a little girl who was born with naturally curly hair and big brown eyes which made me look very different to “normal Chinese kids”.

I would freeze-up and feel very scared every time I came across someone new at school or when I was out with my family.  People would always remark and ask questions: “Why do you have curly hair? Ah! Your eyes are big and round, you’re not a Chinese kid like us, hmmm... maybe you’re an alien, hahaha…”

I was carrying those unpleasant experiences and unhappy feelings all the way from childhood to my adult life... Even now people still ask me the same questions - how funny hey!!!

That is until I was introduced to and studied The 11:11 DivineMindset Course, to learn the psychology behind a person’s childhood and how subconsciously programmed "comments” carry into our adult years.  The course taught me to understand the power of my inner-critic and lack of self-worth that needed to  be dealt with from the root. It also taught me the enormous power of our thoughts and how they can guide us to live our dreams without fear and filled with passion. 

After much research and many studies, I embraced all the lessons that I learnt from The 11:11 Divine Mindset course and over the years I created the Little Curly character as an optimistic, joyful and positive little girl who I “reconstructed” as the "refreshed" version of the old me from my childhood. By doing this, the Little Curlycharacter allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence, re-boost my self-esteem and to place me on the path of knowing myself.

My ultimate wish is to use my creative art to make a positive impact in the world. At the same time I would like to inspire others with my story and to help parents raise happy & healthy children and bring a smile to everyone’s life… now and forever!


“Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Happy and Be Yourself.

― Ella Parry

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