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Hi my dear little friends, we created some fun and engaging activities for you.

Here we have a simple pancake recipe, mindfulness colouring pages and some creative DIY crafts.

These mindfulness activities provide a great opportunity for us (kids) to learn while enjoying ourselves at class and

at home and it's free, how exciting! 


If you have other craft ideas which you would like to share with us please email me at 

My Positive Thoughts Journal

This positive thoughts journal is a great way to record positive experiences every day. Perfect for kids and adult to develop a positive mindset.

Affirmation Colouring Pages

This colouring page will help engage your child's mind in the present moment, which will help to reduce stress and anxiety, while also allowing for creative development, and allowing for time away from the screen.

Bunting for display on page copy.jpg

Affirmation Bunting

This “I am HAPPY!” affirmation bunting can be used to decorate kids rooms. Simply download, print off, and cut out, then let your children help string together all of the individual buntings.

Positive Affirmation Fortune Teller

This "I Am Awesome" Fortune Teller game, gives your child the chance to have fun while practicing and impressing their mind with positive affirmations. Simply download, print, cut out, and fold!

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