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HELLO! We're glad you're here today, we are here to share our positive thoughts, kindness and mental wellbeing tips to help each other and you about positive affirmations, mindfulness activities, friendship and love.

Each of us is special and unique and brings our own qualities to the group. We love to celebrate each other’s happiness and through these we know that together, they can achieve anything in life!

Little Curly

Hi, I'm Little Curly. I’m the main character of Happy Kids Affirmation Cards. I was born with naturally curly hair and big round eyes. I love doing arts & crafts as well as learning anything that involves creativity and positive thinking. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and I look forward to getting to know all of you too

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My name is Mia  and I have  been Little Curly’s best friend for a long time since we were both in Kindergarten. I feel anxious and worried ALL THE TIME. I worry that my homework is not perfect (even though my teachers say that it is), or if  I can’t wake up in time for school each morning. Little Curly suggested I start using the positive affirmation cards, and now little by little I’m becoming much more optimistic, positive and happy.

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I’m Sam and I'm Little Curly’s younger brother. Everyone calls me “Little Brother”. I love cracking jokes and making everyone laugh, which makes for a very entertaining and happy environment when we all meet. I like to encourage everyone to have a go at challenging activities and I like being positive, which rubs off on everyone. I like to read the positive affirmation cards to lift everyone’s spirits and to help them stay positive.

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Hi, I'm Amber. I love all the beautiful things in the world & enjoy caring for animals and people. I enjoy helping all my friends. I feel like a big sister to everyone and just want to make sure everyone is happy and safe.

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Hi I’m CoCo, and others say I’m such a polite and sweet girl who is always so lovely to be around. Every day, I give the warmest “Good morning and have a positive day!” to everyone I meet. With this daily positive attitude I shine my positivity on everyone I pass. I love to take on all challenges, and I’m not afraid to learn something new. I see myself as a fast learner and apply common sense to my actions, which makes me a great role model for others.

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I’m Little Curly’s soul brother. Little Curly says I’m very talented and inspire others to take care and be proud of their presentation skills. I like to always show compassion and concern for others. I have a sense of humour and a bright personality that I bring to my friends group. You only have to watch me walk and see that I literally “bounce” positivity everywhere I go!

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