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‘Positive affirmations work really well for all kids, and especially well starting age 6 or thereabouts when peer influences increase and doubt and worry can creep in. These cards are visually playful and inclusive and open up great conversations about the things that matter to our kids emotional well-being’

Dr Sharon Ladak, BSc, DEdChAdPsy, CPsychol

Educational, Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Thank you for the cards, they are beautiful and the drawings are awesome!  We (me and my girl, Ema) love them. Ema’s favorites are “I am a winner” and “I can reach for the stars” and my favorite is “It’s OK to feel confused”. Sometimes I feel down and confused and it’s OK. The messages of cards remind me that everybody is awesome and we can do anything. I hope these cards help kids and adults to feel more confident and cope better in difficult situations. Thank You.


I’ve been a fan of Little Curly for a long time. Ella the Illustrator created many lovely characters and told the stories through her lenses of life experiences. The rich and vibrant colors that she used for illustration always give me a feeling of joy and a sense of positivity which, at times like this, is much needed.


My daughter who absolutely adores Little Curly and all her friends and the adventures they get up to. Beautiful illustrations with a positive message.


We are super happy to include Little Curly’s products in our gift boxes. The illustrations of the affirmation cards and badges are beautiful. The positive messages truly help to empower children to love themselves and their natural hair which is something we feel strongly about. 


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