What is your

affirmation card for

today ?

"I am a good friend"

is my affirmation card for today.

Here are 6 FUN exercises to get the most benefits from

Happy Kids Affirmation Cards

For children who are just learning to read: Let your child pick up a random affirmation card from the pack. With your child next to you or even on your lap, read out the affirmation to your child and explain what it means if they don’t understand. Ask your child to repeat the affirmation with you until they can say it by themselves. Repeat the same affirmations every day (we suggest you do this in the morning after breakfast or on the way to school) for about 2-3 weeks. Then repeat the process with another card and so on.

For each card, ask your child to repeat the affirmations 5 to 10 times. When repeating the affirmations, make it fun and believable by adopting a positive attitude which should reflect in the tone of your voice and facial gestures. The key is not to make it too formal and have FUN.

A great technique to get started is to explain to your child the affirmations are like magic words, and if repeated often enough they gain enough strength to become true.

If your child is going through a specific issue, try this. Pick a card that can assist with that issue, for example, if your child is struggling with learning something new, an affirmation card that states “I concentrate well” or “I am a bright student” may be the perfect way to help them overcome the said issue. Repeat the affirmation until the issue is resolved.

Have an “affirmation of the day”. That specific affirmation is the focus for the day. Say it with your child as and when you can i.e in the morning during breakfast, in the car on your way to school, on your way back from school and at night before bed.

Get your child to create their own affirmation cards using their own words and drawings. They can be decorated with stickers, stamps, etc. (Check out our Mindfulness Activity) we have created a few affirmation activity worksheets, available to download for free.

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