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Discover The Superpowers of Our Amazing Little Heroes

Happy Kids - The Little Superheroes invite children to join them on an exciting journey of self-discovery and to explore their own inner superpowers.

We believe that every child has the potential to become their own hero and to find the courage to pursue their dreams. Our team of six lovable characters – Little Curly, CoCo, Roxy, Mia, Amber and Sam – each have their own unique superpowers, which they combine to help your children build the foundation for long-lasting happiness. Together, they will embark on adventures and missions to overcome obstacles and gain strength, resilience and confidence.

Join us and let the Little Superheroes show your children the power of friendship and how to become the hero of their own stories.

Little Curly’s Superpowers: Happiness and Creativity

Little Curly Superero.png

Little Curly goes around turning those frowns upside down. She’s sweet, small, but big in might - her travels spread happiness and bring everyone’s creative side to life. Born with these special superpowers, Little Curly is known for her bright personality and ability to lighten up even the darkest of days. 

She uses creativity as her power to help people figure out imaginative solutions to tricky problems, even when it seems impossible. Rather than colouring inside the box, Little Curly comes up with unique ideas that stand out, encourage those around her to think freely, and create amazing things. She teaches us that creativity isn't just reserved for a few in the world, it can be available to everyone with the right mindset and determination. With her example, we also learn that true happiness comes from within, especially through helping those in need.  In a world that often feels dull and gloomy, Little Curly shares her light so others can bask in its glory and rely on their imagination to drive boredom away.

CoCo’s Superpowers: Self Love and Gratitude

When you meet CoCo, you will be surrounded by a lot of smiles and ‘thank you’s’. She’s everybody’s favorite person, and fills every room she enters with her warm energy. CoCo loves her friends and family, and tries to see the best in every person she meets. She knows that to love others, one must love themselves first and that’s exactly what she uses her superpowers for. 

CoCo’s self love is the reason why she can keep herself happy while putting a smile on other people’s faces. She is also super grateful about what she has and never complains if something doesn’t go her way. CoCo knows that the secret to a content life is to receive life’s gifts with open arms and do one’s best to make the most of them. It is because she is so grateful that she wants others to feel the same, and so she goes the extra mile to share love and gratitude.

CoCo superhero.png

Roxy's Superpowers: Positivity and Courage

Little Curly’s soul brother Roxy, has always been her rock. He teaches everyone why it’s important to focus on the bright side even when things go South. Roxy is courageous, as is one of his superpowers - he’s never afraid of the dark and often befriends people caught in it. 

Roxy shows us that it’s okay to be scared sometimes but what truly matters is to never let fear overcome your goals and passions. He looks for the light at the end of the tunnel, even when the tunnel seems long and gloomy. 

After all, life can be hard, and everyone gets a little blue now and then. That’s when Roxy’s superpowers come into play - by teaching us to face our fears head on, and never give up trying, even when we feel like it’s the only thing to do. 

Mia's Superpowers: Self Compassion and Acceptance

Little Curly’s best friend Mia is blessed with superpowers of acceptance and self compassion. Growing up, Mia struggled with anxiety. From homework to waking up on time for school, her long list of tasks never seemed to end. With Little Curly’s help, she discovered the benefits of accepting herself fully and it was life transforming. As Mia came to terms with her superpowers, she started showing herself the same kindness she continues to show others. 

These days, she’s on her little adventures with Little Curly encouraging others to support themselves through self compassion. Mia also practices positive affirmations to soothe anxious thoughts and stay happy, even if the world around her seems gloomy.

Most of all, Mia spends her time helping children who experience the same struggles as her so they never feel alone.

Amber's Superpowers: Kindness and Grounded

Amber Supehereo.png

Amber represents the beauty of the world, as she embraces all of life’s wonders with open arms and cherises them into great lessons for staying grounded. As an animal lover and people’s person, Amber is that fuzzy personality everybody loves to call their big sister. She always pays attention to how those around her feel and puts effort into ensuring their happiness and safety. 

Growing up, her parents taught her the need to practice thoughtfulness in everyday life. So today, she always treats people with respect and shares kindness every chance she gets, without expecting anything in return. 

Even though Amber is often the center of attention where she goes, she stays connected to her core - after all, she has superpowers but she was also once a kid overcoming personal struggles.

Sam's Superpowers: Confidence and Being Awesome

Sam’s supowers allow him to be confident and awesome. So whenever he sees someone hiding in the shadows, he’s the first to go and talk to them. Sam encourages others to be proud of who they are and shows them how confidence can help them turn their dreams into reality. 

In the classroom or on the playing field, Sam’s efforts are proof that confident people are quicker to make friends and have a great time. He teaches those around him to practice the art of self-trust in order to achieve great things.

Friends of Sam know that he’s the talk of the party - his silly jokes, inspirational affirmations and amazing thoughts put everyone in a joyful mood. He carries positivity wherever he goes, and teaches kids how to be awesome simply by owning their personality and doing good for others.

Sam Superhero.png
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