We are Happy Kids

We're creating art that will inspired children to live more mindfully and to practice living more in the present moment. 

Our HAPPY KIDS affirmation cards are designed with warm colourful illustrations and lovable characters that children can relate to, empowering affirmations to promote self love, respect, kindness to themselves and others, calming anger, enthusiasm for learning good health, courage, smiling, happiness and many more.


Little Curly

Little Curly is the main character of Happy Kids Affirmation Cards. 

Hi my name is Little Curly, I am a lovely bright and funny little girl, I was born with naturally curly hair and big round eyes, I love art and love doing crafts, I enjoy learning anything that involves creatively and positively thinking. A long time ago my sister bought me a set of mindful thought cards for my birthday present and I loved them, since then I have been reading the positive affirmation quotes each and every day…….it’s fun and great ! It brings magic into my life everyday, and it’s inspired me to create my own series of affirmation cards. 


Mia is the gloomy little Japanese girl in our friends group, she makes such a big deal out of nothing, she’s worried it may be too hot in the summer, that we will have heavy snow in the winter or that she cannot even wake up on time for school each morning........., she was always the voice of gloom and doom until she started using the positive affirmation cards, now she little by little is becoming less gloomy and so much more optimistic, positive and happy in her daily life. Yea! the affirmation cards really do! Work! Yee-Pee!


Amber is the sweet little “England Rose” of our friends group, she’s a girl who has it all – she’s smart, beautiful, cute and always has the best clothes but she is not selfish or spoiled, she always shares her toys, sweets and whatever she has with all of us. Her family owns a local organic cafe and she always wants to be there to help her family when it is school holidays or even after school, she hopes her mother can teach her how to make coffee or bake cakes so she can help her mum - she always wants to be helpful.

Sam is one of those boys who likes to observe and never has too much to say, but he is clever, a very fast learner and one of the top students in the class. All the girls love him because he is sensitive and caring, not like the other boys, so we have a lot of fun together when we hang out and read the positive affirmation cards to lift our spirits and stay positive.


Coco is the fresh faced, super cute mixed-race girl in our friends group, we call her  “Coconut”, because her hair and skin always has that gorgeous coconut smell. Coco loves singing and is a great little dancer, her dream is to be a singer and an actress - be one of the superstars in Hollywood when she grows up…………. And yes! I totally agree, we should “DREAM BIG”.

Roxy is my little soul brother, he can see and feel the things that normal people can't and he always looks “inside” and “behind” the meaning of the words. He has a very sensitive soul and gets sad when people and animals are sad and hurting, he always tries to help and to heal people with his love, oh and did I forget to say, his music too. Roxy loves the affirmation cards when we get together because he feels right at home.

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