Hello 📣 friend 👋🏻

Hello friend 🥰 🥰 ! How are you?

I hope you all keeping well, and all still washing your hands as frequently as we were at school, wear your facemark when you out for a walk and following the social distancing rules🎈🎈staying safe and healthy!!!!

☀️🌈The weather has been so lovely here is Spain, we're been spending a lot of time walk in the beach🏖🍭🍓🥝🥭 near our home, Yes! Yooooh👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻! Spain has lifts the lockdown rules on exercise and walk in phase 2 of the Coronavirus last week.🌻🌹 What about you? How are you spending your time? If you have been affected or has any information, we'd like to hear from you. (you can share on the comments box)🗯🗯💌💌📮

While we quarantined at home and practicing social distancing. I have been keeping busy drawing and designing a series of affirmation cards - HAPPY KIDS AFFIRMATION CARDS.

🤔🤔 You must wander: "where does she get the ideas come from and why?"

Well....., a long time ago my sister bought me a set of mindful thought cards for my birthday present and I loved them, since then I have been reading the positive affirmation quotes each and every day…….it’s fun and great🎉 ! It brings MAGIC 💫🤹🏻‍♀️into my life everyday, and during the lockdown I wanted to make sure I kept myself doing something productive and don't waste the day away, and these positive thought cards inspired me to create my own series of affirmation cards.

I'm SUPER excited 😜😜 because there are 25 Happy Kids Affirmation cards be created and they are in the printing process and now I am working on the package.......... I can't wait to share all my design with you !!

Hugs and Kiss 💋

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