Meet the character - Mia 🌸 🍭 💝

Mia is the gloomy little Japanese 👘🌸girl in our friends group, she makes such a big deal out of nothing, she’s worried 😔it may be too hot in the summer☀️👙🏝🏊🏻‍♀️, that we will have heavy snow ❄️⛄️💨 in the winter or that she cannot even wake up on time ⏰🎒🔔for school each morning........., she was always the voice 📣🗯of gloom and doom until she started using the positive affirmation cards☺️☺️, now she little by little is becoming less gloomy and so much more optimistic🥳🤩🥰, positive and happy 🤪😻🌻🎈💓in her daily life. Yea! the affirmation cards really do! Work! Yee-Pee!

Hugs and 💋 Kiss

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