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What are Positive Affirmations and What are Daily Affirmations for Kids?

what are positive affirmations for kids?

Positive Affirmations are a practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment. They are short and simple phrases that offer encouragement toward the self or others.

Positive Affirmations (Daily Affirmations) for kids are simple positive statements your child tell themself

(or tell your child repeat after you) every day. Starting the day by saying the simple phrase that assumed to be true - teaching children that each affirmation is a basic truth about them, said repeatedly to reaffirm their positive belief are a great way of programming the brain and also encouraging children to form positive beliefs for themselves. For example: "I am brave", "I am calm", "I am smile" and "I am happy". Remember to say each affirmation up to 4-6 times (you can repeat as many time as you like) and out loud (as loud as you want), it more effective than just simply thinking about them or saying them in your head, this will program your child to believe what they are saying and hearing.

Here are some tips of how to use affirmation with you kids - 6 fun exercise to get the most benefits from your affirmation cards.

What are daily affirmations for kids?

* Positive Self-image Affirmations can increase a child’s confidence and help them have the right mindset to have a great day!

Why are Positive Affirmations Important for Children?

Positive Affirmations are important for children because eveything a child consisitently experience and hears creates belief system and it are stored in their subconscious mind. These belief then become the silent driving force that govern all their action throughout childhood to adulthood.

Science and research show clearly that our belief systems form our basic foundation, as we grow, we look for experiences and situations that match whatever we learned as kids. If our thought patterns are negative as children, we become conditioned to thinking negatively as adults. Therefore it is important to establish positive thought patterns for our children to help to them to internalise good values and positive beliefs, boosting their confidence as the early as possible.


Positive affirmations help children to build a positive mind, nurture authentic self, and allow children to enjoy the magic of childhood!

Make today the day that you try affirmations with your children. Helping them to shine with confidence as the unique individuals that they are.

You may like to take a look at our Happy Kids Affirmation Cards. They are a wonderful box of 25 cards that are designed with warm colourful illustrations paired with simple positive messages that children can relate to and help to reaffirm their positive emotions and voice and engage with, promoting a positive mind!


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