What great affirmation cards, my kids have been excited to read a card each day. Positive affirmations are so important to the health and well being of our children and building positive attitudes from an early age. Little Curly cards are perfect for this. My kids absolutely love reading a card each morning. On route to school we talk about each card each of them read and what it means to them and how they will implement it. At bed time we talk about one thing they did related to their positive affirmation card. Works so well for kids not only to read a positive message, build self confidence and have a better understanding of what healthy positive thinking is which ultimately will shaper their thought process and behaviour into adult life!! Thanks Little Curly for the amazing little daily messages.


I bought these beautiful cards on a recommendation from a friend and was so glad that I did. My younger daughter (9) has struggled in lockdown with not having easy access to her friends and generally becoming more and more anxious about the return to school. She was worried about her friendship group, about her new teacher, about the safety of the school and also about what would happen if we went back into lockdown. 


She instantly identified with the characters, firstly with the one who looked most like her and then when we read through their characters, she picked out the one who was most similar to her (Amber). 


The illustrations are beautiful and very identifiable for children. We began by looking through the cards and she picked which one she wanted to start with the next morning– there were several that she was mulling over but in fact she stayed with the same one for a few days. I think some cards resonated more with her at the moment and her current frame of mind. 


She has been attaching the cards to her bedroom mirror so that when she’s getting ready in the morning, she can repeat the affirmations while she’s getting ready for school. 


I then realised that my older daughter (12) had also been looking through the cards and picked out a few to have in her room, so they’re both benefitting from these beautiful affirmations. I can already see the difference in their mood – which can only be a positive sign! Thank you Little Curly! <3


Little Curly affirmations are a brilliant idea. As a class teacher it's important to encourage children to believe in themselves, that's what I like about Little Curly illustrations, they're a great resource to use in the classroom.


Little Curly is such an amazing idea for children everywhere. It has the power to make such a difference in a little person's life because kids love to read & are so open to learning. These affirmations are likely to have a long lasting effect on their life. Also its so good to see images of different cultures & representation of all types of children. I wished their was something like this when I was younger...


My little niece loves Little Curly. Very glad to have bought her something that carries a positive message and characters she can relate to.


My daughter absolutely adores Little Curly and all her friends and the adventures they get up to. Beautiful illustrations with a positive message.


I’ve been a fan of Little Curly for a long time. Ella the Illustrator created many lovely characters and told the stories through her lenses of life experiences. The rich and vibrant colours that she used for illustration always give me a feeling of joy and a sense of positivity which, at times like this, is much needed.


Little Curly illustrations give very positive feelings to me and the feeling of happiness. Very cute character that make me want to find out more about each one.


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