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The Positive & Happy Characters That Your Kids Can Relate To & Learn From 

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Yes! I Am Me, Little Curly


I'm so glad you're here. You might know me from our Happy Kids Affirmation Cards. I'm one of the main characters of the Happy Kids Affirmation Project. My parents named me “Little Curly” because they thought my naturally curly hair was adorable.

I enjoy creative endeavours and learning new things. Having the freedom to be creative makes me happy.  I believe that creativity is important in all aspects of our lives and can help us lead happier, more fulfilling lives if we make time for it. Creativity can enrich our lives and make us happier.​

I want to be a positive role model for children everywhere so that they can learn how to think positively about themselves and others, which will help them grow into more confident adults. My hope is that our little project will encourage children to feel comfortable and expressive, as well as give them the confidence to pursue their dreams no matter what challenges they may face along the way!

My Name Is Sam, And I Think That I'm Pretty Awesome!


Hi, I'm Sam. I'm Little Curly's younger brother and I love making jokes and cracking everyone up. When we all get together, it's a really fun time because of my jokes and the way I lift everyone's spirits.  

I encourage everyone to take part in challenging activities. I try my best to remain positive, which spreads joy throughout the group. I like to read positive affirmation cards as a way of lifting everyone's spirits and keeping them optimistic.

I want to be a positive role model for children because we all need someone who can show us how to be awesome kids. If you're interested in becoming an awesome kid like me, come check out Little Curly’s Happy Kids community! We'll inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves!

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Meet Amber, Practice Kindness With Her.

I love all the beautiful things in the world—and most of all, I love animals and people. I love being a good friend to everyone. I feel like “the big sister” in lots of my friendships and want to make sure that all the people close to me feel happy and safe.

I learn from my parents how to treat people with respect and thoughtfulness, and doing so makes me feel happy. It's because of my parents that I know what it means to be a good friend and have kindness in my heart toward all.


I truly believe that helping others without the thought of getting something in return is one way to achieve lasting happiness—and that's why I want to be a positive role model for children who may need some extra support or guidance when they are facing challenges in their lives ​​

Meet Mia. She Can Teach You How To Cope With Anxiety In A Healthy Way.

Hi, my name is Mia and I have been Little Curly's best friend for a long time. We both started kindergarten together and have been close ever since. 

I feel extremely anxious and worried all the time. It feels like there are so many things I have to be perfect at—my homework, making sure I wake up on time each morning so I can get ready for school, and making sure my friends like me enough… the list goes on.

Little Curly suggested that I talk about my feelings with teachers, parents, and friends. She also suggested that I use positive affirmation cards to help myself feel calmer and happier. And now little by little, I'm becoming much more optimistic and happier!


I am grateful to my friends, teachers, and family for their encouragement and support and I want to be a positive role model for children who might be going through similar struggles.

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Make Everyday A Celebration Of Love With CoCo.

Hello there—I'm CoCo. My friends say I'm a genuinely sweet person who is always so lovely to be around, and I have to agree :) !

You know how sometimes you meet someone and they just seem to be happy all the time? That’s me. I walk around giving the warmest “Good morning, have a positive day!” to everyone I meet. With this daily positive attitude, I shine my positivity on everyone I pass, which makes them feel good too.

I also love to make others happy and celebrate little simple things that make us happy. For example, when someone is having a bad day, I'll go up to them and ask them how their day is going and maybe even offer them some food or candy.

I'm not afraid of challenges! If something comes up, I just think about it for a second, consider the options, and then dive right in. I see myself as a fast learner and apply common sense to my actions, which makes me a great role model for others. After all, what's the point of learning if no one else can benefit from it?

I believe in the power of love: it's the greatest gift you can give and receive!

Adopt A POSITIVE Outlook With Roxy

Hey, my name is Roxy, and I'm Little Curly's soul brother. We're here on earth to spread love and positivity—and that's what I want to do!

Little Curly says that I’m a very talented individual—she thinks I inspire others to take care of their presentation skills and be proud of who they are. That's something that means a lot to me—being able to help others feel good about themselves. I like to show compassion and concern for others, and my sense of humour makes me a fun addition to our friend group.

I want to be a positive role model for children who need someone in their lives who can help them through tough times, offer support when they feel lost or alone, or just make them laugh at the end of the day.

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