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Together We Can Achieve A Common Goal - Raising Happy Kids!

Ella Parry

Founder, designer & illustrator

Ella Parry is the name behind the “Little Curly” brand as well as the founder, illustrator and designer of all Little Curly and Happy Kids merchandise including the soon be released book entitled, “The Amazing Adventures Of Summer and Little Curly”. With many years of experience in design, Ella has always been incredibly passionate about illustration and character design as well as her deep rooted desire and need to help spread a positive message to give children and adults throughout the world hope in humanity in anyway she can through using Little Curly as the brand vehicle.


Ella: “My life as a child was not filled with riches and yes there were very hard and sad times, but with this experience, I can take the pain I felt and turn it  into something wonderful for others.

Mia Chan

Marketing and Public Relations

Mia is our sweet fantastic Marketing PR, she has many years of marketing and customer service experience. She joined the Little Curly team because she has the same mission, to help children around the world to live happy lives and spread joy and hope by using her marketing skills to enhance greater awareness of Little Curly to the masses. It is paramount to Ella Parry that her team come from the same mindset, to help children and adults, and to be able to make a positive impact on people’s lives allround. Mia is already a character inside the Happy Kids affirmation cards collection so she fits in perfectly.

Mia: "I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to dedicate my life and my profession to help more people to live a life that is not only happier but also healthier and meaningful, especially kids and teens."

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