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Little Curly is an imaginative, optimistic and joyful 6-year-old girl. She is good at drawing, painting, crafting and likes to collect cute little things (especially when those have a heart-shaped image on it). Her family describe her as “A Little Artist”. She is interested in recycling and upcycling. She normally wears a red flower clip. She has big brown eyes and short dark brown naturally curly hair and is a bright and kind-hearted little girl who loves animals and nature and is always hugging everybody and loves to give them a little gift which is made from recycled material for their birthday, special occasions or when they are having a bad day. She also has a pet cat named Summer who wears the same red flower clip as Little Curly and they are best friends ever since the first day they met.

​Little Curly believes we are all equally special, powerful, infinite, capable and loaded with love. We are all here with loving hearts. Her mission is to spread LOVE, HAPPINESS and KINDNESS.......to people around her and to the world through her ART.

Little Curly: Life is about love and love is meat to be shared! 

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New  collection

Art Prints

A charming collection of Little Curly Art Prints that perfect to brighten up your home.

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Made with LOVE

We believe that every product has an impact in our lives, and we want to make it a good one, therefore each of our product has a extra personal touch with LOVE before sent to your home.


All Little Curly's art prints and greeting cards are carefully hand decorated with sprinkle of magic + glitter with a deep love and passion.

Make sure to check out our Blog to learn more our handcraft, creative process and see what's going on behind the scenes.

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It is the perfect way to accompany Little Curly on her day to day, to know more about the creative process and inspiration.



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Copyright © 2019 Little Curly,   All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019 Little Curly,   All rights reserved.