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HAPPINESS is at the heart of everything we do at Little Curly

We believe that happy kids make for happy families and communities, and we're passionate about spreading that happiness far and wide. That’s why all our products are built around the core value of joy, developing happy kids and supporting happy families. From our lovable Happy Kids characters to our positive affirmation cards and mindfulness activities workbook, everything we create is designed to inspire smiles and laughter. We believe that happiness starts with a positive mindset and we're dedicated to fostering that mindset in children of all ages. 

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Promotes Positive Thinking

Cultivates Gratitude

Encourages Resilience

Affirmations instill a habit of positive thinking in children, helping them focus on the good aspects of themselves and their surroundings.

Affirmation cards often include statements that promote gratitude, teaching children to appreciate the little things in life and develop a sense of gratitude towards themselves and others.

By regularly practicing affirmations, children learn to overcome challenges and setbacks with a more optimistic mindset, fostering resilience and determination.

Practicing daily affirmations can change your child's life in countless positive ways

HAPPINESS is Contagious, and the more you practise being happy, the happier you'll become!

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Discover the Joy of Being a Happy Kid

Join the Happy Kids on a journey of happiness and spread joy wherever you go. Our lovable characters will inspire your child to be their best selves and make happiness their superpower. Through their stories and adventures, your child will learn important lessons about love, kindness, and positivity, making them better equipped to face the challenges of the world.

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Make HAPPINESS your superpower!

The Happy Kids Affirmation Cards are a valuable tool for parents and educators alike. Not only do they help children build self-esteem and a positive mindset, but they also encourage kids to express their emotions in a healthy way.

I think these affirmation cards are really important for children's wellbeing.

Pat Cash, Wimbledon Men's Singles Champion

Positive affirmations work really well for all kids, and especially well starting age 6 or thereabouts when peer influences increase and doubt and worry can creep in. These cards are visually playful and inclusive and open up great conversations about the things that matter to our kids emotional well-being.​
Little Curly’s Happy Kids products are such an AWESOME idea, the illustrations are so cute and lovable! My daughter and son both love Little Curly and the Happy Kids characters very much and absolutely love the affirmation cards! They pick a card randomly each morning and read it on their way to school.  I'm so glad I purchased them something so meaningful and that carries a positive message & characters they can relate to. 

Ivana (mother)


Teaching mindfulness to kids doesn't have to be a chore - with the I Am A Happy Kid Workbook, it's actually fun!

With 50 pages of activities designed to boost self-esteem, promote kindness, and cultivate gratitude, this workbook is the perfect tool for helping your child develop a positive and happy mindset. Our lovable Happy Kids Characters: Little Curly, Roxy, Mia, Chloe, Sam and Amber make every activity engaging and enjoyable, while providing easy-to-follow mindful tips that your child can use every day.

Give your child the gift that make HAPPINESS their superpower!



Grow Happily with I Am A Happy Kid Workbook