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Empowering Children

To Find Happiness Within

Positive Affirmations For Children To:

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Improve Mood

Promote Kindness

Grow Self-Love

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Boost Self-Esteem

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Build Confidence

About The Happy Kids Affirmation Cards

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Happy Kids Affirmation Cards are designed to help children build self-esteem, boost their confidence, and reach their full potential.

A pack of 25 beautifully illustrated cards feature positive messages that encourage kids to feel good about who they are and what they can do. These cards are perfect for parents who want to teach their kids positive affirmations at home or school, or teachers looking for ways to help students build confidence and self-esteem in class. They're also perfect to give as gifts to your friends and family!

Happy Kids Affirmation Cards are designed for, but not limited to children aged 3-13. 

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Who Are The Happy Kids

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You know, those kids who are sometimes grumpy and always anxious, but who are still adorable and loveable? Yeah, that's us.

We are the Happy Kids: Little Curly, Amber, CoCo, Roxy, Mia and Sam.

We are the loveable Happy Kids who are here to inspire & encourage kids to develop healthy mental wellbeing and to spread positivity, love, and happiness to others and even to the world.

We want to be positive role models to children who may be struggling with a low mood or anger issues or having trouble concentrating or worrying about every little thing. We understand that these things can be hard for anyone, but especially for kids who have no idea how to deal with them. That’s why we want to show that there is hope and support out there for them if they need it.

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Happiness & Wellness Resources
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Kind Words From Our Parents

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What our customers say, five stars review, testimonial, happy customers, customer support, fast delivery, happy mums, Little Curly, Happy Kids affirmation Cards, Etsy UK, shop online,

Little Curly’s Happy Kids products are such an AWESOME idea, the illustrations are so cute and lovable! My daughter (aged 9) and son (aged 5) both love Little Curly and the Happy Kids characters very much and absolutely love the affirmation cards! 

They pick a card randomly each morning and read it on their way to school.  I'm so glad I purchased them something so meaningful, pretty and that carries a positive message and characters they can relate to.  

Excellent customer service and the shipping was fast,

I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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