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Happy Kids Affirmation Cards designed specifically for Kids

Meet Little Curly, Amber, CoCo, Roxy, Mia and Sam, our Happy Kids who help children think positively through affirmations.


Our positive affirmations cards are designed as a fun and practical way to inspire children to build a positive attitude and healthy self image at home and at school.


These 25 unique and beautifully illustrated affirmation and mindfulness cards are all designed to help children with : 

feeling of anxiety, increase confidence, improving on low self-esteem, creating positive self-talk, developing resilience to bullying, encouraging perseverance and developing a growth mindset.

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Today the world is more complex and unpredictable than ever. It's important that we begin to empower our children to take responsibility for their own mental wellbeing and give them the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing and uncertain world. 


Happy Kids Affirmation Cards can be used on a daily basis as a mindfulness tool to calm worries, decrease stress and enhance wellbeing while nurturing their authentic self, and helping them to enjoy the magic of childhood. They can also empower both adults and kids to unwind, relax and connect with each other to build a healthy and strong long-term relationship.

Proudly England made and printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Happy Kids Affirmation Cards are the simplest way to create positive change in your kids' life in countless positive ways. Here are just a few of the many benefits: 

Happy Kids Roxy, I am strong, happy and positve boy, mindful kids

Designed to encourage success, & increase the possibility for positive results in your child’s life

Promote and foster a positive attitue by reaffirming your child's positive emotions

Promote & foster a positive attitude by reaffirming your child's positive emotions and voice

Support your child to recognize their gifts & encourage them to share their skills, while enhancing their resiliency

support your children to recognize they are worthy
Nuture you child's authentic self and help them to enjoy the magic of childhood

Nurture your child’s authentic self, andhelp them to enjoy the magic of childhood

Use as a daily mindfulness tool to calm worries, decrease stress and

enhance wellbeing

Build your child's confidence with affirmation cards

Build your child’s confidence, boost their self-esteem and place them on the path of knowing themselves

benefits of using affirmations with kids

Empowers both adults and kids to unwind, relax and connect with each other to build a healthy & strong long-term relationship

Can be used by adults to comfort and heal their inner child to boost emotional wellbeing & happiness

Thank you for the cards, they are beautiful and the drawings are awesome!  We (me and my girl, Ema) love them. Ema’s favourites are “I am a winner” and “I can reach for the stars” and my favourite is “It’s OK to feel confused”. Sometimes I feel down and confused and it’s OK. The messages of cards remind me that everybody is awesome and we can do anything. I hope these cards help kids and adults to feel more confident and cope better in difficult situations. Thank You.


Ivana (Mom of a 3 year old girl)

Raising Happy Kids!

cosmopolitan magazine featured artist, happy kids affirmation cards fouder and illustrator, Ella Parry
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Our Mission through the Happy Kids affirmation cards is to help provide opportunities to support, encourage and inspire today’s parents, families and teachers to empower their children with mindful living. To build a positive attitude and promote emotional well-being in kids, so they can face life's challenges with confidence,  have a successful future and live a full healthy and happy life!

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