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At Little Curly®, our mission is to raise happy kids and help them find their inner superhero, that's why we have created Happy Kids Affirmation Cards and Happy Kids Superpowers Workbook.  These two tools will help kids build positive self-esteem and give them the strength to tackle any challenge! Our Affirmation Cards feature positive messages and inspiring illustrations, while our Superpowers Workbook contains fun activities that will help kids explore and discover their unique superpowers. Both products are perfect for kids of all ages and will empower them to be their own superhero!

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Embark on a fantastic adventure with Little Curly and Happy Kids

Follow these lovable characters as they explore new worlds and discover their extraordinary strengths. With Little Curly and her sidekick, Happy Kids guiding the way, your child can unlock their inner superpowers!

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Empower the Little Heroes in Your Life

We're dedicated to empowering the little heroes in your life. We have a range of products that are designed to encourage positive emotional and mental wellbeing, and to foster a sense of self-confidence in children. Our products are aimed at inspiring children to grow into their own heroes and to develop a strong sense of self. We believe that every child deserves to feel empowered and to reach their full potential.

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About us

Little Curly® and her sidekick, Happy Kids are here to help children explore their superpowers and discover the joys of life. We believe that every child has the potential to be a superhero, and it is our mission to help them uncover this power and use it to spread positivity throughout the world.

We are dedicated to support parents, teachers and all those working with children with our unique range of mindful and engaging products and resources. We hope to help children of all ages to find their inner superhero and use their superpower to make the world a better place.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It.
Read The Testimonials and See How We Made A Difference !

Little Curly’s Happy Kids products are such an AWESOME idea, the illustrations are so cute and lovable! My daughter (aged 9) and son (aged 5) both love Little Curly and the Happy Kids characters very much and absolutely love the affirmation cards! 

They pick a card randomly each morning and read it on their way to school.  I'm so glad I purchased them something so meaningful, pretty and that carries a positive message and characters they can relate to.  

Excellent customer service and the shipping was fast,

I would highly recommend it to everyone!


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