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Positive Affirmations for children, Children Daily Affirmation Cards

Welcome to Little Curly - Where Positivity & Happiness Come Together

At Little Curly®, we're passionate about promoting positivity and happiness in children. We believe that every child deserves to feel confident, loved, and supported, and our products are designed to help them achieve that. Whether you're looking for affirmation cards for kids, mindfulness activities, or fun goodies to brighten your child's day, we've got you covered.

Join us in spreading joy and positivity to the world, one happy kid at a time!

Positive Affirmations for children, daily affirmation cards, I am affirmations
I am loved , self-love affirmations, children affirmations
boost confidence affirmation for kids, happy kids affirmation cards

Promotes Positive Thinking

Cultivates Gratitude

Encourages Rresilience

Affirmations instill a habit of positive thinking in children, helping them focus on the good aspects of themselves and their surroundings.

Affirmation cards often include statements that promote gratitude, teaching children to appreciate the little things in life and develop a sense of gratitude towards themselves and others.

By regularly practicing affirmations, children learn to overcome challenges and setbacks with a more optimistic mindset, fostering resilience and determination.

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Empower Kids To Increase Their Confidence, Self-esteem, and Create a Positive, Healthy & Successful Future.

Pat Cash and Affirmations for kids

The Happy Kids Affirmation Cards are a valuable tool for parents and educators alike. Not only do they help children build self-esteem and a positive mindset, but they also encourage kids to express their emotions in a healthy way.

I think these affirmation cards are really important for children's wellbeing.

Pat Cash

Wimbledon Men's Singles Champion

 We are Honored to Have Our Cards Endorsed by Tennis Legend, Pat Cash

Positive affirmations work really well for all kids, and especially well starting age 6 or thereabouts when peer influences increase and doubt and worry can creep in. These cards are visually playful and inclusive and open up great conversations about the things that matter to our kids emotional well-being.​

Dr Sharon Ladak, BSc, DEdChAdPsy, CPsychol Educational, Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Support by Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Thank you for the cards, they are beautiful and the drawings are awesome!  We (me and my girl, Ema) love them. Ema’s favourites are “I am a winner” and “I can reach for the stars” and my favourite is “It’s OK to feel confused”. Sometimes I feel down and confused and it’s OK. The messages of cards remind me that everybody is awesome and we can do anything. I hope these cards help kids and adults to feel more confident and cope better in difficult situations. Thank You!​

Ivana (mother) • Slovakia

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