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Our Mission

As the founder of Little Curly®, my number one goal is to provide parents, teachers, and caregivers with the resources they need to support children in their quest for happiness. 


And my mission is simple: to inspire children believe in themselves and become their strongest, happiest, and most courageous selves. I know that through kindness, empathy, and a little bit of superpower, kids can overcome any obstacle they face. Whether they're dealing with a bully, struggling with insecurity, or feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges, I'm here to offer my support and encourage them to be brave, confident, and happy kind!


Little Curly

How it all started......

Our journey started, much like many others, from personal experiences. Growing up, I struggled with negative thoughts and self-esteem issues, and I know how hard it can be for children to navigate these complex emotions. But I also know that with the right guidance and support, children can build resilience and overcome these challenges. This is why I created Little Curly - a children’s positive role model.

Little Curly is here to show children that there's always a reason to smile. She encourages and empowers children to embrace their individuality and use their unique strengths to make a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of others. With the fun and engaging content, kids can learn important life skills like confidence, resilience, kindness and how to maintain a positive mindset to become a happier, more fulfilled child! 

Founder & Creator